Sunday, November 2, 2008

I still know what you did Last Raya (Part 3)

At the same day evening, I have to attend my cousin wedding dinner locate at Serdang. Hmm... just think around this year, plenty of my friends and cousins have engage and marriage. "Red boom" receive getting more and more...=.=''. Hope following days, not to soon to receive... perhaps need to find excuse to skip.. hahaha.... **Pray**

After dinner, calling up friends to having some desserts. Hence, I have to drive along way back to pick up friends and ahead to Kepong for just only having desserts. Fortunately, desserts serve was satisfy indeed!!  ^.^


Branding the logo for the desserts cafe.. :p


Variety choice of favorite desserts.. @_@

Dessert2 Dessert3 Dessert4

Saliva... ing.... :p

Night eventually getting darker. It time to have an early rest due to schedule tagged very early at the next morning was trip to Taman Pertanian.. But in the end, I yet to having sleep due to watching football instead... :p

Consequences at the next morning, I am tiring and weary.. But its doesn't depress my frame of mind.... hahhaha. After having "Dim Sum" breakfast at Kuchai Lama (unluckily not taking some picture, its kinda very delicious and recommended). We are ahead to Taman Pertanian locate at Shah Alam.TP1

Road map of Taman Pertanian...

T.pertanian 3

Waiting for renting bicycle... Hmmm... really long time dint ride bicycle.


Of cause I am bicycle processional since youth.... :P

T.pertanian 4

Some very hardworking to riding...

T.pertanian 5

But somehow there is lazy to riding...


And somehow there is crazy riding..... =.=''

T.pertanian 6

Enjoy while ridding down the slope...

T.pertanian 7

But suffer while riding up the slope....

T.pertanian 8

Spotted defend tower here... hahaha

T.pertanian 9

Visiting garden of cactus after long riding journey..

The cave 9

Awesome!!! Rock and stone !!!


Waterfall at cactus garden...


Damnn tired...


Nice bicycle ya??? Eventually concern to think back to childhood time..

T.pertanian 2

Lazy to ride... better enjoying sitting on public transportation bus... :p

The cave 10 The cave 12 The cave 11

Season house @ Taman Pertanian... What a nice scene here...


Take at once....

Day come to noon, day become getting hot and we are getting tired and hungry... We decide to leave and finding something to fill up hunger stomach. Although there still many interesting places I haven't visit but time is tissue.. and hope next time have chances to visit again...


Teh Ais with 3 color... taste nice and look awesome!!!


Having famous chicken + pork + duck + rice lunch at Puchong... Its nice and delicious after all. ^.^

-- End --

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

I still know what you did Last Raya (Part 2)

Till next morning... we only depart from Genting and back home. Damn tired!!! Since this, continue whole day are waste to rest.. =.=''. Worst come to worst David and I were sick badly.

Feel better next day but sore throat have not recover. Yet my voice sound badly till I also cant recognize.. lol. It was at great hot day and suddenly I insists to wash car..haha sound crazy ya?? Along way come from Penang to KL to wash car.. lol


Car wash time... my car and David...(^.^)b... we are Myvians!!!

Day come to night after shop at Lowyat. Dinner take at Station 1 Cheras.station 1a station 1

As usual, take some pic...

station 1b

Western food again??? =P

DSC06027 station 1c

So lame.. until use stick create my name.. Anyway no bad effect took huh...

Day come to Saturday, since some of friends is not working, thus, it good opportunity to gathering again.. =P Lunch take at "The bird restaurant" which open by local actor and this is 2nd time visit. Food are nice and recommended. (^.^)b

bird restaurant 1


This is 1st time visit.. Feel lucky that can take a pic with local actor.. ^.^


Got bird cage but no bird... got bird also fake bird... haha...=.='''


Few of local actors/actress visit here before...


Gathering with friend prior to same company, her sis...


1 orange, 1 black. 1 orange. 1 black... (0.o)


Take at once...

Will be continue... stay with me....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I still know what you did Last Raya (Part 1)


It was a long day-off (1 week) during Raya and I blessed to have a good time frame to rest. But not actually having a long time rest was desirable. I get over resting and lead to start lazy, ailing and irk.

After having over rest until become spiderman (surrounding by spider web). It time to refreshing!!!! Because schedule made to KL in ongoing :p  Objective of this time travel to KL is attend my cousin wedding dinner, gathering with pig & dog friends, explore food and shop some laptop stuff.

coffee restaurant 1

1st visiting coffee shop at Panda Indah after long journey from Penang to KL

coffee restaurant 2

Have a nice lantern around this coffee shop...


coffee restaurant 3

coffee restaurant 4

Spotted Chui Yee with coolest short hair ever!!!

coffee restaurant 5

We both get stunning and sweating about her... kinda impressive.. =.=''

coffee restaurant 6

Having a sundae ice - cream here..


Second time visit to little Genting here

hulu 2

hmm... not bad take a shot evening time.., but scene more nice at night

Time turns to night, we decide to having a nice dinner due to David birthday. He gonna feel blissful because we are along the way come from Penang to KL to celebrate with

The cave 7

Dinner take a restaurant name "The Cave" locate at PJ SS2...

The cave 8 coffee restaurant 7

Impressively flintstones atmosphere... hahaha


Take a photo before having dinner...


Take a shot with buddy prior to same college and company... so miss that time...

The cave 3

Peace....instead of piss >.<''

coffee restaurant 9

Birthday boy... (P/S : Say very very thank to us)

coffee restaurant 16

Taking a shot with buddy.. Bday Boy...

coffee restaurant 10

Fruit tea.. sweet + salty  + sour.... (0,o)

coffee restaurant 15

Kind of western food serve....

Night still young after dinner, and we decide ahead to Genting having coffee session. Although, I have sore throat and ailing but it doesn't stop me to go up hill..

Genting 1


Will be continue.... stay with me....